Bible study is critical to living the successful Christian life. Daily reading and meditation of The Word of God is key to growing in Jesus.   Hawthorne Adventist Church recommends the following Bible studies for new and older students.  Remember, it is all about relationship with The Savior.  It is a time tested fact that the more time one spends in the study of The Word, the deeper their relationship with Him.

Sabbath School Lessons: The Sabbath School hour is considered by many to be the most important hour of the Sacred hours - as God's children gather together to study and share His Word.  The General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, creates a quarterly adult Sabbath School lesson for the World Church.  Below is an internet link to these lessons for your enjoyment and  blessing.


'It Is Written', with a long history of televised Christian broadcasting, has designed a series of complete studies for those that hunger and thirst to know their Bible's better.

The Voice of Prophecy has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for some 80 years. Bible studies are available both online and by mail.

Kenneth Cox is an extremely knowledgeable Adventist evangelist, who offers enjoyable and informative Bible lessons on Daniel and Revelation. Brother Cox is also a frequent presenter on 3 ABN Christian Broadcasting.








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