You better believe that God is glorifying His Sanctuary in Hawthorne....

The Hawthorne Seventh Day Adventist Church is unique in many ways. The Church is centrally located in Los Angeles, one of the largest cities and major crossroads of the world. The demographics of Hawthorne SDA are as varied as it can get. Yellow, Brown, Black and White, all are precious in His sight, and they can all be found at Hawthorne SDA. Hawthorne is easily accessible from any part of Los Angeles - from the beaches to the Inland Empire - all roads lead to Hawthorne SDA Church.

Under the leadership of Pastor Keith Hassinger, with some 43 years in the ministry, and First Elder Setaleki Fehoko, Hawthorne is outreach oriented. Every Sabbath afternoon, teams of evangelistic minded members conduct outreach in the local community by distributing tracs in shopping centers and door to door evangelism. If you are looking to get involved in evangelism, Hawthorne is the place for you. The soon coming of Jesus is preached at Hawthorne and this faith is displayed by active outreach to others.

Many believe we are at the toe's in Nebuchadnezzar's vision of the statue in Daniel 2, marking the end of this earth's history, but at Hawthorne Adventist - we believe we are at the toe nails... There is no doubt here - that this is it......Jesus is coming soon.

Fellowship meals are served every Sabbath, with the big spread laid out on the third Sabbath of the month. Because of the Sabbath afternoon outreach and other activities, the breathren make sure there is plenty of food to feed the troops! So, if you decide to come and visit Hawthorne, know for sure you will be fed both spiritually and physically.

Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m.

Sacred Service: 10:50 a.m.

We look forward to worshiping the Lord with you!



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